so be it is a small handcrafted, small-batch home and smell goods business
with a vision of, mission to and is purposed for you to: Be Intentional.


Whatever you are needing in the moment…be intentional about creating an environment that is conducive for achieving just that!

Intentionally created with and for love, positivity and enjoyment.

the products


candles + melts

Our candles and melts are made of soy wax produced in the US and fragrance oils that are skin-safe and free from phthalate, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially harmful chemicals. We use cotton and paper braided wicks and hand-pour into glass jars or recyclable tins that are safe, easy for transport. Both, when properly cleaned can be recycled, repurposed and reused!


room sprays

Our room sprays are made of organic and wildcrafted witch hazel, organic non-GMO grain alcohol derived from corn and those same fragrance oils that are skin-safe and free from phthalate, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially harmful chemicals. They are hand-poured in either a glass or recyclable PET bottle.



the incense shoppe

Our incense sticks are made of bamboo with compressed wood dust. The fragrance oils used are skin safe, phthalate-free and some are infused with essential oils. The fragrance is mixed with a colorless and odorless solvent called Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) which is a carrier oil used to cut and enhance the fragrance and essential oils found in cosmetics, perfumes, body oils, incense, and burning oils. Without it, the incense will not burn properly or safely. It is an industry standard because of its low toxicity and low skin irritation potential.

the maker

 It's me! Sekayi :-)  

 Oh the concentration! 

I set up shop in my kitchen and started hand-pouring candles in August 2015 while recovering from a hysterectomy. That surgery proved to be life changing—setting me on course to remembering the best of me. The part of me that is constant...that is peace... that is joy...no matter how the winds of life blow. I began a meditation practice and the process of candles became another form of meditation. I loved to wake early on a weekend morning while things were still quiet and make batches of candles. The intentions, affirmations and prayers assisting me in my daily life began to extend into my candles and I crafted an intentional line of aromatherapy candles and melts inviting the candle lover to set intentions to: BE calm, BE clear, BE focused, BE inspired and BE refreshed. 


I didn’t want to be restricted to just those intentional candles. I wanted to satisfy my creative itch by creating other handcrafted goods! I began to offer hand-stamped tea towels, candles in handmade cement vessels and wooden cups that were then wood burned with patterns and stained, hand-dipped incense, and more. 


Basically…I was having fun!! Stretching myself to learn new things and allowing myself to enjoy the freedom and peace of mind found in creating.  I still enjoy the meditative process of handcrafting candles (and other stuff!)...still in my kitchen...still in small batches...and still for your pleasure!