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you anew


On many occasion throughout the years I have put pen to paper. Nothing serious. I loved my creative writing class in college and always enjoyed an open mic poetry night. But me...I never thought myself to be...a writer. 


After having a hysterectomy in 2015, I found myself on a journey home to Self. As I began to change from the inside out, moments of inspiration would hit me and a sudden urge to write would come over me. I needed to get whatever thoughts, feelings and emotions were bubbling up inside, out. So...I would write. Once the urge passed, the pen would get put down and I never knew when I’d pick it up again. 


Most recently, I started sharing some of these writings on social media. Not because I believed I was saying something great because... #imnowriter. I only wanted to share what was surfacing as I was shedding and expanding. But I found that through my writing I was able to connect with and help bring insight to others going through similar experiences. I realized that I lacked confidence in my voice. If I didn’t believe that it is a beautiful sound...why would anyone else? 


At the nudging from my sister I decided to go for it! This agreement with myself to compile and publish some of my writings is the result of internal work done over the years to show love to myself. My voice has value and I am willing to share it with anyone willing to listen. Since you now have this book in your hands...thank you for listening!


After each piece, blank pages await for you to share your voice. Draw inspiration from what I wrote, use the prompts provided or write whatever you want! Take this opportunity to hear and know the value of your voice. When you are ready...please share. I am here to listen. 


With gratitude and love,

sekayi anika

your voice has value

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