moloi cement jewelry is handcrafted from a source of authentic and fierce, divine creativity that is inviting you to intentionally: Be Bold. Be Unique. Make a Statement.
May you be unapologetic in being your unique divine self!

find your new everyday earring in person at a local vending event or shop in person at:

Deco Raleigh

207 S Salisbury St,

Raleigh, NC 27601


the makings of moloi
allowing my creative spirit to soar

While making cement candle vessels for so be it, I found myself led to try something and stretch myself creatively. I used a toilet paper tube and created my first mold to cast earrings! From then...I've been hooked.


There is something satisfying and grounding about working with cement. Working with material often associated with hardness and permanency in such a soft and gentle way made a powerful statement to me as I broke through traditional concepts and ideas for using cement.


Seeing it with fresh and curious eyes, made me realize what happens as I evolve through the nontraditional, free flowing creative process... a new shape, new form, a new way of being emerges from a divinely inspired space.


That is exactly what wearing these pieces of art invites you to do: break through traditional concepts and ideas and allow that divinely inspired space within you to emerge — like a flower breaking through the sidewalk.


NOTICE: Orders placed Dec 1-6 will ship on Dec 7