balance - room spray

balance (smoked cedar + tonka): A deep, smooth aroma of smoked cedar woods, clove and sweet tonka bean. May you allow yourself to rest and hear the whispers of your soul—remembering that you are both human and divine.



Each room spray is in a 2oz black frosted glass bottle hand poured in small batches.



Shake very well before each use. Spray 2-4 times in the air as needed. Use in the bathroom, kitchen, trash cans, car, bedroom, office, etc. To use as a linen spray, be sure to do a patch test in a discreet area before spraying all over. The spray is body safe if contact is made with the skin but please do not spray near/in/around the eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets and don't spray near open flames. Please! 

balance - room spray