intentional set

The intention set includes three new scents — bright, mellow and sweet — that each come with an affirming word and intention. Use these or...create your own!



May you know no limits to the visions you dream, the well of hope you drink from, and the amount of love you give.

citrus + bergamot + ginger (bright): A delicious blend of blood orange, mellow bergamot and zesty ginger.



May you allow yourself to rest and hear the whispers of your soul—remembering that you are both human and divine. 

smoked cedar + tonka (mellow): A deep, smooth aroma of smoked cedar woods, clove and sweet tonka bean. 



In all things that will occur, may you remember to create moments of joy and relish in the sweetness of life.

sweetgrass (sweet): An earthy scent of fresh cut alfalfa grass with a heavy blend of sweet of clover. 


Each 4.5oz candle is made of premium soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, has a braided cotton wick and is hand-poured into matte black calypso glas jar. They are free of exterior labels to easily match your decor. 

intentional set

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