tea towel set
These unique 30 x 36 in tea towel sets feature patterns made from hand-carved stamps by artist Hank D. Herring. The hand-stamped patterns are printed on 100% cotton (lightweight) in black non-toxic fabric ink. Due to the nature of the hand-stamping process, each set is unique and one of a kind. Slight differences in color and pattern are to be expected. 	display / hang over the stove for everyday kitchen use	use it as an oversized napkin...or as a placemat	display in your bathroom and use as a hand drying towel ABOUT THE SYMBOLSAYA (the fern)The fern is a hardy plant that can grow in difficult places. This is a symbol of endurance, perseverance through difficulties and resourcefulness. DUAFE (the wooden comb)The wooden comb represents femininity. This is a symbol of compassion, patience, care, love and beauty (I am adding....for SELF...to this).

tea towel set

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    Size: 30 x 36 inches
    Color: White
    Fabric: 100% Cotton (lightweight)

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