Do you want to have candles available for purchase through your business or as a giveaway at your upcoming event (retreat, shower, wedding, party, etc)? Check out the options below and let me know which one fits best for your specific needs.


WHOLESALE (i.e. you have a space and want to share our candles with your customers): Order any of our so be it products just as they are from a list of available scents.

CUSTOM (i.e. you have an event/service and want to have something to give away): Pick your product, pick your scent from a list of available fragrances, work with me to design your label that I will add for you.

WHITE LABEL (i.e. you have a business and want to sell products under your name): Pick your products, pick your scents from a list of available fragrances. I will send your products to you to add your own label.

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